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What others are saying about Jesse


“You are a gifted instructor. (My background is as a professor in a College of Education, so I have seen myriad teaching techniques: some successful and others sadly lacking!) Your teaching style resonates with both horses and people! Allie and I grew quite a lot in just two days, and I am sure that following some “dwell time” the growth curve will reach even higher! Allie and I look forward to continuing our PNH journey and to participate in more workshops with you.”

—Stephanie K

“I have had to take a little “lick and chew” time to reflect on the last few days here at our farm. It is clear to Bobby and I that you have gotten your “Good”, “Better”, and we look forward to seeing the “Best” in the future. To use Bobby’s term you were “Excellent.” This is not a word that he uses a lot in any situation. I know that Pat and Linda must be so very proud to have you as one of their instructors. Not only do you convey their message, you do it so well with such passion and quality. One last thing…I am so impressed with your ability to read horses AND humans. Your lessons were nothing short of brilliant. I am so glad I was there to see them. Wow, it was fantastic and I am still thinking.”

—Janie E 

“…Your teacher-man-ship is top-notch. It was especially important for you to push us out of our comfort zones. You were very professional and clear. Overall I learned that I need to step back, slow down, stop racing towards the green string and let my horse have more say in the timing. My horse and I have a wonderful relationship and have fun and that is what truly matters. So if she could, I know she would give you a huge thank you for helping me with my BFO. She had so much fun exploring during “Me and My Shadow” instead of being led along with less regard for her thresholds.”

—Ann T

“As always Jesse was outstanding, however this time the quality of his teaching far surpasses my previous experiences. The clinic I participated in was very special as there were many of us with unique problems and needs…we bonded as a group in a rather unusual way, and Jesse reached out to each of us to help us grow beyond our present limits. I have never had a clinic experience quite like this one. Parelli’s most important concept is that of never ending self improvement…as an eleven year student of the program, I can honestly claim the truth behind this concept and praise it for the changes it brings in every aspect of life. Please know, that over the years I have attended every type of training opportunity that PNH has offered under close to a dozen instructors…Jesse is a special gift to PNH and those who have the good fortune to be guided by his leadership.”

—Sharon A