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Meet Jesse

How many of you have ever been bucked off of a horse…before you were born? This was the first of many falls from a horse for Jesse Peters.  As a boy he enjoyed playing with his horses and experimenting with ways to communicate with them. When Jesse was 10 yrs old his mom wrote in his memory book, “Jesse is becoming a natural horseman this summer.” Throughout his childhood he was involved in 4-H and put 1000’s of miles of trail riding onto his horses. As he grew older, what he saw in the traditional horse world was not something he wanted to be involved in and as a result he walked away from showing horses.

Jesse attended the Ohio State University and graduated in 1995 with a degree in teaching Agricultural Education.  Jesse taught for 4 years in a traditional high school Ag Ed program where he led his FFA chapter to many achievements.  During the next 10 years Jesse took a very fond interest in developing young horses and colt starting.

In 1999 Jesse was offered another dream job in Cincinnati teaching in a high school horsemanship program. After one very short year teaching in this high school program, he quickly learned that he needed to find a HMS program for the students that would help build a solid HMS foundation and SAFETY with horses.  Jesse went searching at the Equine Affair in Ohio and easily found Parelli Natural Horsemanship!  He saw Pat and Linda and the savvy team having relationships, excitement and fun with their horses that Jesse always dreamed was possible as a young child, but never thought was possible. At the end of Pat’s presentation Jesse reached up into the air to grab a t-shirt and won the “Whole Enchilada” (Levels 1-3 & Parelli equipment).

Jesse and his high school students became avid students of the Parelli home study program. Parelli helped the high school students to become safe and have fun with their horses.  Over the next few years Jesse participated in several Parelli clinics with Carol Coppinger, Sharon Lindy and Bruce Logan.  These same Parelli instructors also donated their talents and expertise to teaching the high school HMS students PNH from time to time.

After several “Oh Boy!” moments in his journey, he finally passed his Level 2 with Sharon Lindy in the spring of 2004.  Jesse was then luckily selected to be a “Lesson with Linda” at the Indianapolis, IN Success with Horses tour stop.  This was a huge turning point for Jesse as he was part of a 2 ½ hour Fluidity lesson with Linda Parelli.  Wow, what an opportunity!  In spring 2005 Jesse participated as a Savvy Team member in the Ohio & Kentucky Love, Language and Leadership Parelli tour stops.

In October 2005 Jesse was nearing the completion of his level 3 journey and was invited by Pat and Linda to join the first ever Parelli Faculty at the Parelli Centers.  Pat and Linda Parelli groom the Parelli Faculty Team to be among the best Licensed Parelli Professional Instructors in the world! While teaching at the Parelli Centers Jesse became the course leader of the popular Liberty and Horse Behavior Course, course leader for the Fluidity 1-Freestyle Course & support team for the Fluidity 2-Finesse Course.

After spending 2 years teaching and facilitating the new courses in both Florida and Colorado Jesse transitioned to the field where he teaches as a Master Natural Horsemanship instructor and coaches students in their horsemanship journey. Jesse is now available to teach  Natural Horsemanship all over the United States.  He will be easily accessible in Ohio and throughout the Midwest during the summer months and easily accessible in the Florida during the winter months of the year.

Jesse has added many chapters to his life in the last few years having met the love of his life, Stacy. Jesse and Stacy got married in September of 2009 and are the proud parents of their  two sons Colby Dane Peters (June 13th, 2010) and Trevor Dalton Peters (April 24, 2012).  The two boys are a pleasure and honor to have as part of our lives. They are growing and smiling with everyone and running both mom and dad ragged around the edges.  In 2010 they bought their dream 23 acre horsemanship facility in Darke County Ohio just outside of the town of Greenville. They plan to add many of the features that Parelli students love to play with into their Peters playground. It includes a new Honeycomb, Playpens, Pedestals, Log Jumps, Obstacles, Carwash, and so much more as we continue building our dreams!