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General Information and Questions

What time is Check In?

Please check in with the coordinator between 8:00-8.30 AM on Saturday morning.

Do I need to bring Coggins/Health Certificate?

Yes, ensure that you have a current coggins for your horse and a health certificate if traveling from out of state.

About this clinic:

You don’t want to miss a thing so be ready before 9:00am. You will just need to bring yourself without your horse for the first part of the morning. Then we will head out with horses and instructions. We will focus on a variety of tasks with lots of simulations and interactions. Questions, comments and clarifications are appreciated and encouraged. Be sure to grab a notebook and a Lawn Chair.

Start time/Estimated Finish Time/Breaks:

Will I be riding?

That will depend on the layout and level of the clinic or workshop and where you are with your horse at the time. If you are not planning on riding then you won’t need to bring riding equipment.  Riding Safely is ALWAYS the rider’s responsibility.  If you ever have any reason that you do not feel safe while riding, GET OFF IMMEDIATELY.  You do not ever need the instructor’s “permission” to get off for you or your horse’s safety

What do I need to bring?


Please wear comfortable clothing/proper riding apparel i.e. boots and helmet.

Depending on the weather, we may be in an indoor arena or outside in an open field. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, rain gear and a beverage container are suggested.


Can I bring my family members or friends?

We love auditors! Guests and auditors will participate in some of the simulations and exercises during the clinic/workshop. (Price is $25 per day.)

Will there be a stall for my horse?

What do I need for my horse?

Please bring your own hay, grain, feed pans and water buckets. It is also a good idea to have extra snaps and a stall card with your name and a phone number where you can be reached in case of emergencies during after hours.


Auditors, feel free to bring your pens, paper and a seat cushion. There will be no general filming allowed, but take as many pictures as you like.  You are always permitted to have someone video you and your horse for auditions or tasks you are trying out.


Stallions and dogs are not permitted in the clinic or on the grounds.

Will I be allowed to submit an audition on my levels to Jesse?

This won’t be done during a clinic or workshop setting. Jesse will be happy to coach you on how to put together a play session for an audition. All Auditions must be sent to Parelli Central and details can be found on Parelli Connect.

What do I need to know as a Clinic Coordinator?

I have a separate Clinic Coordinator FAQ in my Resources page.

Please call or email your coordinator for any further information or questions.