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Greenville, OH// 5 Day- Art of Horsemanship Camp

September 20, 2017 @ 9:00 am - September 24, 2017 @ 5:00 pm


The Art of Horsemanship is a Unique and Individualized Journey!

Clinic Coordinator:  Sjoukje Janssen    (937) 602-0323

5 Days for the price of 4!  The clinic starts at 1:00 PM on Wednesday and ends at 1:00 PM on Sunday. There will be non-instructional activity on the two- 1/2 days.

Horsemanship is known as an art-form throughout the world. Each artist puts their own brand of Horsemanship on their creations and Jesse would love to explore the Art of Horsemanship with you! Reflect on your dreams and turn them into goals! Are they SMART Goals?An effective expression of the important goal setting guidelines is that you should set SMART goals. What the SMART goal setting guidelines actually mean is that your goals should be Picture of pushing goals up


Neglect one of those guidelines and the odds that your goals are achieved drop many times. Why?

The key force that either drives you towards your goals or holds you back is your subconscious mind. Those goal setting guidelines are the necessary criteria for your subconscious mind to accept your goals and start working for you. Otherwise it will work hard to keep you in the comfort zone of your present conditions and old habits.

Come join 4 Star Senior Instructor Jesse Peters for an in depth dive into your skills and the relationship you have with your horse. The year is focused around bringing clarity and meaning to your horsemanship principles and super charging your will power to help improve your focus and leadership with your horse. You are going to take this knowledge from principle to purpose; trail riding, opening gates, backing with respect, transitions, and much more. One of the most valuable things you will gain by joining this clinic is TIME, focused time on your horse with expert coaching and feedback on improving your relationship and your results. Build an even closer bond with your horse. Develop a higher level of respect and trust, a true mental connection. The Clinic is designed to help you take your Savvy to the next level.