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The Biltmore Estate- Excelling in 4 Savvys and Trail Riding Savvy- 5 day clinic // Asheville, NC

October 19 @ 9:00 am - October 23 @ 4:30 pm



If you don’t get excited about this Biltmore Experience

Education Vacation then which rock do you live under?

Clinic Coordinator:    Sjoukje Janssen  (937) 602-0323

What does a 5 Star Master Instructor’s Annual highlight clinic look like? The Biltmore clinics are the highlight of the entire year for students and instructors who traveled in from NC, SC, GA, OH, MI! What an classy and elegant facility that we are privileged to be invited to use each and every year. This Education-Vacation has it all….new and old Friends, great horses, brilliant trail rides each day, Parelli playground, Liberty, group liberty, Finesse, Jumps galore, Patterns, group riding drills, FUN, and Food! Each day we wrap up that day’s clinic events with a trail ride and then we enjoy a great meal at one of the estate’s top rated restaurants! The Plan for 2020 is to take the whole day “OFF” on Wednesday for you to tour the Biltmore House and Grounds, go for a group ride, or get a group together for a Segway adventure! Perhaps the Vineyard this year? You also have the option of joining in on Wednesday as an auditor to watch the Biltmore Equestrian Center’s Employee training day with Jesse. Oh and I almost forgot…. the last day we will take a beautiful trail ride around the estate and even have a lunch at the statue of Diana on the front lawn overlooking the Biltmore Home! No way in the world am I going to miss out on this one!!!!!  Sjoukje will get you very detailed directions to get from the front gate to the Equestrian Center….You must follow these directions.

Directions Information:  Make sure you RSVP so you will be included on the participant list at the front gate. Once you get to the front Gates of the Biltmore Estate, Turn off your GPS.  Too many students have gotten lost and ended up in the back driveway of the BIG HOUSE!  (How embarrassing!)

YOU WILL FOLLOW the Signs to the “BEC” Biltmore Equestrian Center. You will come across a little hump back bridge from Pavement and then onto Gravel.  Keep the river on your Right Hand side and follow the gravel road all the way back to the Outdoor arena.  You will come across a small bridge as you see the BEC on your left….keep going straight over that bridge and drive past the “no guests beyond this point” sign and you will see the Outdoor arena ahead of you shortly!  If you feel lost, Call Jesse 513-659-8339.