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Anyone can shoot from a Horse…..Once! Mounted Shooting Clinic // Oxford, MI

June 24 @ 9:00 am - June 25 @ 5:00 pm



From the Beginning to Advancing the Performance of the Game! Long story Short….I will help you right where you need it!

Many horse people want to understand the process of gaining their horse’s confidence for shooting a gun safely from the saddle. In Parelli Program we call this the Extreme Friendly Game. Learn the steps and building blocks for gaining the trust and acceptance that leads to gunfire from the saddle without compromising safety or your partnership with your horse.

Being the best in Mounted shooting requires a horse and rider who can ride fast, shoot, navigate courses of fire and repeat. Slow and right beats fast and wrong! ….. Fast and right beats everything! Learn about the skills and horsemanship patterns that leads to harmony =, fun and success in the sport of Cowboy Mounted shooting.

How do you get a horse ready for the Sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting? What do you need? Gear, Dress code, Guns, Holsters, starting the training process. How do you get started? How is the sport set up to host cowboy and cowgirl competitors of all ages, experience levels, all types of horses and speeds? What do the patterns look like and tell me all about the Guns and ammo! Lets get started!

For more information or to sign up contact:

Michelle Walsh  (248) 756-4124

Event Address:

  835 Hummer Lake Rd, Oxford, MI  38371