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2 Day- Custom Semi-Private Lessons // Wadsworth, Ohio

May 8 - May 9


2 days of Custom Semi-Private Lessons

Gourley Farms, Wadsworth, Ohio

There just are not enough weekends left in the good weather parts of a year!  That is why we are offering a 2 day clinic on a Friday and Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend.  This will be set up just like last year’s clinic.  You get paired up with a partner of similar experience and interest to work on skills.  together you get 2 hours of focus from Jesse and then you get to watch and soak up the savvy from everyone else’s lessons too.

This will be a opportunity limited to just 8 total participants! The Semi-Private lessons will run 2 people at a time and each time slot will last for 2 hours. You will get a 2 hour slot on both days. While you are waiting for your lesson you can cool off while watching all the rest of the students taking advantage of their lesson opportunity.

Level 2 to Level 4 students and horses? Doesn’t matter! We will focus individually on your needs to help you accelerate your journey through all 4 savvys or focus on the one you want help with. Come join us at the Gourley Farm for a wonderfully small group of amazing students and horses for accelerating your journey in the Parelli program. This format is always tailored to your individual needs and I am always honored to help each person Right Where They Are In Their Journeys!

For more information or to sign up contact:

Teri Gourley   (330) 334-0783

Event Address:

3505 Rohrer Rd, Wadsworth, OH  44282